Weddings during the Covid-19 pandemic

July the 4th marks the re opening in the UK for hospitality and hair salons (thankfully) and also weddings for up to 30 people. But this comes with a few comprises, your venue and suppliers have to respect to the social distancing rules, but so do your guests. With rules such as no singing and no hugging it makes me wonder if this is a comprise to far…

You will need to go over that guest list again, and cut it down further, and I’m sure you had to do this at the start of your planning to ensure you are within budget, but you have to ask yourself after all this time in lock down, how comfortable will your guest be in a party of 30 people?

Rock my wedding have done a fantastic post, they have collated all the questions about Covid-19 and popped them all in one handy place for you, well worth a read. here.

I would also urge you to keen up to date on the government advice also here.

If you do decide 2020 will just be to compromised, and 2021 is your year, then we have some great news! 2020 marks the opening of our new venue, you can find out more here.

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