All you need to know when planning a baby shower!

Updated: Mar 20

We have all been to a baby shower, and at some stage we will all get our turn to be the organiser!

If you are feeling overwhelmed with this responsibility, don’t fear this post will guide you though all the steps to planning an epic baby shower for the expectant mom!

So calm down, grab a cuppa and read on!

#01 – who’s coming!

People forget this part… my best friend nearly hosted a shower for me without asking me who I would want to attend! This seems silly but you may not know all the mom-to-be’s friends and family members… and maybe they don’t even want the mother-in-law there 😉 you won’t know unless you ask! Be sure she gives you email addresses you will need these!

Find a time and a date that suits the mom to be first, and maybe her core group of mates, I find the best tool to find a date and its totally free to use!

Tip > most showers would be held once the mom is about seven months pregnant

#02 What’s the budget

Now you need to set the budget, one good idea is to host in a hotel and then the guest could pay per head meaning the cost is spread rather than you having to pick up the bill!

For an idea on budgets a top event planner has reported that $500 for 10 people means you could have quite a fancy baby shower, $500 for 50 means you need to scale back more and look for alternative venue options for example a back yard or a living room.

Back yard or living rooms are great options if you have a smaller guest list, however if that guest list feels overwhelming then investigate hotels or restaurants, this would always be the option I would choose as it means you can sit back and enjoy the shower rather than running around trying to be everything to everyone!

#03 Invites!

You should plan for the invites to be out six weeks ahead of the shower, this gives a nice amount of time to shop for gifts and RSVP.

You can get amazing invitations > here you may want to find designs that go with your theme… I'll come on to that in the next section.

#04 themes!

Some people advice to think about this three weeks before the shower, I must say I disagree, I would aim to know the theme at least at the point you order and send out the invitations, who wants a miss matched party… yuck!

#05 menu and décor!

It is now time to really have fun, its time to plan out the food and the décor, have in mind the invites you sent out, and ensure it all visually ties in nicely.

Here’s 10 ideas on themes;

1. Gold Glitter

2. Greenery

3. Navy

4. Pink & Blue

5. Pink Floral

6. Trendy Mustard

7. Rose Gold

8. Silver Glitter

9. Tropical

10. Arty

Tip > Get decorations that are not perishable now and wait until the day before to buy flowers.

Finalize the menu, think about if the mom to be has any cravings, my advice would be to keep the menu light and full of flavour, savoury tarts, quiches, salads, pasta dishes, finger foods are always a hit and means your guest can graze, we all love to graze! Crudités and dip, bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms and deviled eggs. Just be sure to only have food that’s safe for the mom to be! But don’t forget the cake, cupcakes or a big cake to share, again you can think about matching this with your theming!

I would not try and theme the whole menu as you will end up over complicating it.

Re the drinks I would advice mocktails, the main lady cant drink anyway, and they tend to be held in the day, so mocktails are the perfect and inclusive option!

#06 The agenda

Come up with the running order, games games games, and I know what you are thinking, how am I going to come up with games, you can buy ready made games, you simply chose the design that matches your theme print out and that’s it! Easy, these guys have the best selection of games, great modern designs, you can buy single games or buy one of the handy bundles of all the most popular games!

Head over to the Digital fox to shop games here

Other activities would include, gift opening, eating, and drinking.

When deciding the order, just think about the flow and making sure the guests feel entertained and engaged at all times.

Allow guests 15 - 20 minutes to arrive and have a drink. Once you have all your guest you can start the activities. Serve food while gifts are being opened, followed by cake and coffee or tea!

#06 favors

These are a simple way to thank your guests for attending, and it doesn't have to be costly, and it’s a good idea to keep to the theme here, I always think candy goes down well!

So that’s a lot to take in, so here’s a simple check list to keep you on track!

Seven weeks to go

  • Set a time and a date

  • Sort the guest list

  • Choose your location / caterer

  • Buy invitations > shop for them here

  • Decide on a theme

Five weeks to go

  • Mail the invites

  • Plan the menu

Three weeks to go

  • Buy or make the non-floral décor

  • Purchase gifts – this is a great registry that the mom to be can fill out > Gift registry

  • Purchase props, prizes or party favours

  • Purchase the games > shop for them here

Two weeks to go

  • Confirm reservations and catering

  • Reserve rental supplies

  • Order flowers

One week to go

  • Finalize guest list from RSVPs

  • Dish out tasks (taking pictures, keeping records of the gifts…)

Two days to go

  • Shop for food

  • Prepare non-perishable food

  • Set up décor

One day to go

  • Prepare perishable food

  • Collect flowers and balloons

  • Clean up and set up

Morning of the shower

  • Put the finishing touches on décor

  • Display food and beverages

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