Our own wedding inspired us to launch our own business.

Creating epic weddings.

We are Jessie and Mark! Husband and wife team, from different parts of the UK we have now settled in the Cotswolds and as you can imagine, there is nowhere we would rather be.

Mark has a background in project management and has been dragged in on this business adventure! Jessie has a background in TV production and events management (sorry filming isn’t included in your wedding package – but she has a list of amazing recommendations). It turns out these skills combined create epic weddings!

Our business was born after we planned our own wedding, finding suppliers hard to get hold of, slow in responses and far from transparent about the pricing.

We promise to be the exact opposite to this, we are driven by an integral passion for offering couples the wedding they can only dream of without breaking the bank.


The very best suppliers have been sourced, with the same mind-set as us to make our venues incredible and unique!

Both venues are totally exclusive, as we understand you wouldn’t want someone else’s wedding happening in the room next door! We also only do one wedding per venue per week, weddings with us will never feel rushed – we promise you that.


With Saturday weddings we allow access from the Friday, meaning you can be involved in the set-up, that’s if you want to be…we totally get if you would rather just turn up on the day.


Fixed prices with no hidden costs, no peak or off- peak. Just one price whatever your date.